Aquamania Waterpark opens in Albena Resort

Aquamania Waterpark opens its doors in Albena Resort

Aquamania waterpark opens its doors in August 2014 after completing the first phase of construction. A true water magic will spread out on a territory of nearly 30,000 square meters within the resort of Albena Resort in Bulgaria. This futuristic waterpark spans an area of around 5 football pitches, with one-of-a-kind water attractions for adults and kids.

The second phase of the project, planned for 2015 will include another two water attractions: the 191-meter long Tantrum – and the 76-meter long Free Fall, as well as an activity pool with an amphitheatrical animation scene.

Very soon, Aquamania waterpark visitors will be able to try the 4-lane 314-metre long ProRACER /each lane of 78.5 m lenght/, the most popular headfirst mat racing ride in the world. The 20 meter high lifting tower will lead the riders to another adrenaline slide: the 183-meter long megatube rafting slide called the MAMMOTH, with thrills the family can enjoy together.

Rivers sway around the shady trees (Lazy river), streams dash in rocky canyons (Wild River), fascinating fountains explode in color and forms while the interior is carved in millennium rocks. Jets of water can be shot at targets, drop water bombs and special effects are triggered all around the park.

Children will enjoy a paradise of colorful playgrounds, water attractions of pint-sized versions of iconic thrill rides as the KIDZ Tornado, KIDZ Racer, KIDZ Twister, KIDZ Mini River, fascinating water effects and figures as the Turtle Space Deck /the Turtle Fountain/ and the Balboa Lagoon /Playground/ and many more. The kids will also discover a mysterious transport device, a stargate, that can “teleportate” them into a world of joy and imagination.

Right next to the KIDZ Zone is the Galaxy Pilot’s Bar /the Pool Bar/ with stories of extraterrestrial civilizations and lost alphabets on its walls. The spacious and airy Star Tunnel /the 2-storey Snack Bar/ is a cross point for those who decided to relax with a fresh drink and a light snack on the shady Bar-Terrace.
The Milky Way House is an Ice Cream Saloon that will welcome its guests with cool temptations from the very entrance of the waterpark near the shop area. Visitors follow the story of a lost space ship lost in a paradise of water exuberance as they make their way around the attractions.

Free unlimited entry will be granted to Aquamania waterpark for the guests of PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior and PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior Aquaclub and Vita Park Hotels.
Opening hours: Daily, from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm (summer months)

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Week of Russian Culture in Albena

Week of Russian Culture in Albena

This week Albena resort complex is playing host to a week dedicated to Russian culture. Thousands of guests in the holiday village will be able to experience the creativity and the art of famous Russian artists, dancers and singers.
The week opened yesterday with an exhibition of 40 paintings. Among the names of the painters are famous Bulgarian and Russian artists including Mikhail Rudnik, Elena Berezina, Svetlana Ivanova-Suvorova and Pavel Nikolov.

The exhibition is on display until August 3 in at the Albena Cultural Center.
On July 28 and July 31, starting at 9 p.m, at the open-air stage in front of Dobrudja hotel, there will be concerts of Marlena Mosh and the creative collective “Nocturno”.

On July 29, at the piano bar of Flamingo hotel – Bailando, ancient Armenian melodies lovers will have the opportunity to get closer to the art of Mrs. Mosh. Marlena Mosh is a unique, one of a kind performer of ancient Armenian melodies. The program will continue with performances by Nelly Gregory.
On August 1, at the open-air stage next to Dobrudja Hotel, from 9 p.m. begins the festive concert “10 Years Brigantina Camp”. On the next day, August 2, follows the concert of Varna Ensemble, which is Albena’s present for its guests on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the resort.
The week of the Russian culture will close on August 3 with a joint concert of the creative collective “Nocturno” and the groups from  the festival “Do good”, organized by the children’s camp Brigantina.

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Two new beach libraries in Albena

Two new beach libraries in Albena

In Albena were opened two new beach libraries. One of them is located between the hotels Gergana and Slavuna, and the other one – in front of Kaliakra hotel.
In 2013 in the central part of the beach in Albena was opened the first free beach library in Europe. The initiative was well accepted, which was the occasion to add another two libraries for convenience of the readers.

The three libraries have a total of over 6000 books in 15 languages. The rich collection of titles in all genres, can satisfy the tastes of even the most exigent readers. Special attention is given to the Bulgarian literature and in particular to Yordan Yovkov’s book “Albena”. The book was published in 6 languages, so that tourists from all over the world have the opportunity explore the wealth of Bulgarian literature.

Consultants guide readers and help them choose a suitable book for their holiday. Use of the books is completely free. Tourists are kindly requested to return the books after reading them and leave their own books (optional). Sharing titles encourages cultural exchange and introduces tourists to the literature of different nations.

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In 2014, Albena resort, for another consecutive year, will host the International Dance Sport Tournament – WDSF INTERNATIONAL Open – Albena’2014, organized by the Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation.

The competitions will take place on July 5 and July 6. Before the international tournament in the resort will be held the State Tournament as well as the National Championship – 1st rank.

The competition, which is of an International rank, brings the competitors points for the world rankings. Currently for participation in the international tournaments have applied more than 300 couples from more than 10 countries – Hungary, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Italy and others.

All age groups will compete in the categories Standard and Latin dances. The performance of the dancing couples will be judged by an international jury commission. The competitions will be held in the Sports Hall of Albena.

With the support of the Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation on July 1 and July 2 will take place a summer training camp. Official speakers at the event will be Miriam Swayzer  and Ron Horn – Latina, speakers for Standard will be William Pino, Denise Myers, Salvatore Todaro and Violeta Yaneva.


July 5 2014

2 p.m. – 3 p.m. Registration
4 p.m. Start of the event

Junior 2 ST
Youth LA
Am St
Sen La
Juven. 1 basic La
Juven. 2 basic La
Junior 1+2 basic LA
Junior 1 ST

9 p.m Awards ceremony

July 6 2014

9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Registration
11 a.m. Start of the event

Juven 1 basic ST
Juven 2 Basic ST
Junior 1+2 basic ST
Junior 1 LA
Junior 2 La

1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Registration
3 p.m. Start of the event

Youth ST
Sen ST

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Venue: The open-air stage next to the Administration Building


July 5
Concert: John Lawton and BTR

July 10 – July 14
Concert of the National School of Folk Dances “Philip Kutev” – Kotel

July 12
Favorite Russian Songs – concert of Ruslan Maynov and the symphony orchestra of Shumen

July 15
Concert of the Varna Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Veliana Valcheva

July 19
Pop concert, featuring Deep Zone and Romanian guest artists

July 20
Festival “Nestiya”

July 21 – July 25
Concert of the National School of Arts “Panayot Pipkov” – Pleven

July 26
Concert of Veselin Marinov


August 2
Folklore concert of Ensemble “Varna”

August 3 – August 7
Concert of the Youth Brass Band and a Majorettes group – Lovech

August 9
Concert of the String Quartet Intro

August 16
Variete show program

August 21 – August 25
Concert of the Youth Brass Band and a Majorettes group – Botevgrad

August 24
8 p.m. – Jubilee concert, featuring Margarita Hranovа, performing covers of Queen songs.
11 p.m. – after party on the beach – DJ Dido Solo, Mihaela Fileva and Nickname

August 30
Theatre play “Folklore Magic” – Puppet Theatre “Stara Zagora”

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Beautifull summer Bulgaria and no raining!

The actual situation in the resorts of Bulgaria

Dear colleagues and customers,

As regards to the huge amount of rainfall in the regions of Varna and Dobrich on June 19, 2014, we would like to inform you about the actual situation in the resorts of Bulgaria.

The situation in the resorts Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, and Sunny Day as well as in all resorts south of Obzor is calm and steady. The resorts operate normally and are welcoming and ready to welcome their tourists in a quality way.

Unfortunately the information that appears in some of the foreign media is extremely biased. There are only partial problems due to the heavy rainfall in three resorts on the northern Black Sea coast.

1. In Rusalka resort there are 6 flooded rooms and the water supply is not functioning. Currently, there are ongoing works for the recovery of all the damages and in the very near future the rooms will be fixed and the water supply will be restored.

2. In Albena resort has been flooded an area, comprising the following 6 hotels (located in the southern part of the resort): Boryana, Nona, Elitsa, Mura, Slavuna, Gergana,

Gergana Hotel, which is situated right next to the river and the reserve Balata has been damaged the most. At the moment the hotel is closed and is not open for tourists. The tourists from the hotel are accommodated at other hotels, mostly 4-star hotels, at the beachfront. A special thanks deserves the management of Albena for their professional, selfless and adequate reaction, as well as the local authorities, who, in the shortest time possible and with the most adequate organization and discipline needed, evacuated the tourists located in the area around the hotel.

As of today, all of the above mentioned hotels, except Gergana, operate in normal mode – the common areas and facilities have been thoroughly cleaned, the water supply functions normally, there is hot and cold water, electricity, the restaurants, the bars and all the pools are operating.

3. In Kranevo resort, after the overflow of the local river, have been flooded several holiday complexes, hotels and private homes. The village is actively working on the removal of all damage caused by the heavy rainfall.

KITT would like to reassure all its current and future customers that all the affected resorts are actively working on the recovery from the heavy rains.

The weather forecast for the summer is more than favorable – at the moment there is no rainfall, the average temperature is +25 degrees Celsius and the water temperature is +20 degree Celsius.

Bulgaria, like every summer, is expecting its tourists and all guests are welcome!

Welcome to Bulgaria!

New service in Albena: Beach golf

New service in Albena: Beach golf

From Sunday, June 15, 2014 in Albena resort begin weekly BEACH GOLF classes. They are organized for the first time in the free area on the beach in front of the hotels Gergana and Kaliakra. The classes are open for guests of the resorts, as well as for any other visitor who would like to take part in the game.

In May and in the beginning of June there already have been two beach golf tournaments organized in which participated more than 35 students from Bulgaria, Turkey, Nigeria and India, as well as representatives from different schools in Varna and Dobrich.

Beach golf is a sport born 20 years ago in Italy and widely played on the Mediterranean beaches.
The rules of the game are like those of the classic golf. The goal is to hit the ball in the last hole, using the fewest number of strokes. Competing players are divided into teams, with two players in each and there are between 9 and 18 holes at a distance that can reach up to 2 km. Players play with a soft rubber ball and classic clubs. Animators ensure the safety of players, moving behind each player with wide safety belts, in order to protect the audience and the players themselves from injuries during a stroke. The wide beach strip of Albena offers excellent conditions for this kind of sport.


At the free zone on the beach of Gergana Hotel:
Every Sunday
10.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. (beach golf for families “Mom, Dad and Me”)

At  the free zone of Kaliakra Hotel:
Every Tuesday
10.30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Duration of the game: One and a half hours.

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Ganvie Beach Club – the Beach Bijou of Albena

Ganvie Beach Club – the Beach Bijou of Albena resort

On June 1, thousands of miles away from Africa, opened Ganvie Beach Club – a place where the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the silky soft sand bring summer sensation. Located in the heart of the beach strip in the holiday resort Albena, Ganvie Beach Club is one of the most spectacular places on the west coast of the Black Sea, promising unforgettable experience for its guests.

If you’re fond of exotic design, Ganvie Beach Club will fascinate you with its beauty and style. The eccentric interior design is inspired by the centuries-old traditions of African culture.

The interior is decorated in pastel colors under the splendor of multiple colourful lights. Custom made leather sofas and armchairs with forged corners, wooden tables and chairs as well as specially imported designer pieces from natural materials – wood, leather and suede, are among the highlights of the design. The accessories, the textiles and the prints on the walls turn visitors’ attention towards them: African figures of fossils, shells of turtles and sea species. The inner lounge overlooks the endless expanse of the sea. A vaulted ceiling in a colonial style, formed in a very dynamic way, inspires a unique feeling of spaciousness and ease. A shaded veranda encircles the bar thus providing a secluded place to relax and talk. The colors of the summer furniture come from the warm South African countries.

Without losing its privacy and wonderful view, the private beach provides both sunny place for bathing and a haven for relaxation under the delicate shadows of thatched umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers. This is a magnificent place for outdoor evening parties when the sun is not so hot and the breeze brings freshness to the shores.

Ganvie Beach Club offers its guests a plethora of cocktails, sparkling wine and champagne, served with style. Throughout summer 2014 Ganvie Beach Club will be surprising its guests with summer seafood dishes and a “new” sushi concept, combined with modern musical rhythms and live performances.
Beach club, chic interior, different ambiance, combined with ample space and sea sensation, are just a few of the synonyms for Ganvie Beach Club, a place in the heart of Albena resort, thousands of miles away from Africa …

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Anatoliy Karpov opens an Academy for chess talents in Albena, Bulgaria

Anatoliy Karpov opens an Academy for chess talents in Albena, Bulgaria



In the begining of May, Anatoly Karpov, the world chess champion, will open his own school for young talents in the Albena Resort, Bulgaria. The Academy of the famous Grandmaster will be available for Bulgarian and Russian students aged 8-18 years. In the upcoming summer season 2014, the chess school will organize four sessions – in May, June, July and August. Bulgarian and Russian coaches will train young competitors for a period of ten days. In the first session will participate 20 Bulgarian children.

The most talented young chess-players will be able to compete with their mates in Karpov’s chess academies in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Between sessions for students in chess school of Anatoly Karpov in “Albena”, tourists and guests of the Bulgarian summer resort can also learn more about this ancient game.

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Sports events in Albena 2014

Sports events in Albena 2014

23.03.13 – 31.03.13
International Football Tournament for children
29.03.13 – 01.04.13
Zone grass hockey tournament

27.04.13 – 29.04.13
National hockey Championship – 12 -14 years

15.05.13 – 19.05.13
Spartakiad – transport workers
11.05.13 – 15.09.13
Spartakiad – Energetics engineers
24.05.13 – 26.05.13
Petanque tournament Albena Open
24.05.13 – 26.05.13
National hockey Championship – 18 years
24.05.13 – 26.05.14
International Beach Tennis Tournament ITF G3
30.05 – 02.06.2013
International Tennis Tournament – Albena Cup Kids Tennis
31.05 – 02.06.2014
International Beach Tennis Tournament ITF G2

01.06.13 – 09.06.13
International Chess Tournament 2013
06.06.13 – 09.06.13
Amateur football tournament – Albena Cup 2013
07.06.13 – 09.06.13
National grass hockey Championship
09.06.13 – 15.06.13
European Football Qualification for railroad workers
11.06.13 – 14.06.13
Young Olympic Sports Festival
14.06.13 – 16.06.13
Tournament cross bike and streetball
14.06.13 – 16.06.13
National grass hockey Championship
18.06.13 – 21.06.13     Lokobol Evima
15.06.13 – 29.06.13
International Bridge Tournament Albena 2013
24.06.13 – 26.06.13
Grass hockey camp
27.06.13 – 30.06.13
Eastern European Cup grass hockey

04.07.13 – 14.07.13
European Basketball Championship for women to 20 years
08.07.13 – 15.07.13     International football tournament for children “Albena football Junior”
19.07.13 – 21.07.13     Amateur beach volleyball tournament “Volley Mania”
19.07.13 – 03.08.13     International Tournament Table Tennis
20.07.13 – 21.07.13     World Cup kung fu
29.07.13 – 11.08.13     European Basketball Championship – girls

01.08.13 – 08.08.13
International football tournament for children Evima Open Kids Albena 2013
01.08.13 – 10.08.13
International Camp for hockey
10.08.13 – 17.08.13
Evima Kids Albena
18.08.13 – 28.08.13     International Football Tournament for kids “ALIOT CUP”
18.08.13 – 28.08.13     International Football Tournament – Ukraine
22.08.13 – 28.08.13     National Summer Student Games
28.08.13 – 02.09.13     Summer Universiade 2013

04.09.13 – 08.09.13
National Spartakiad of metallics
05.09.13 – 08.09.13
Kids Soccer Tournament “P. Boyanov”
06.09.13 – 12.09.13
Sports camp “Your Child”
11.09.13 – 15.09.13
National Spartakiad of Power Engineers
27.09.13 – 29.09.13
International Spartakiad of notaries
27.09.13 – 29.09.13
National hockey Championship – 12 -14 years

05.10.13 – 06.10.13
National hockey Championship – 12 -14 years

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