Debates concerning All Inclusive in Bulgaria

Agency of Food Safety will offer the Ministry of Economy legislative changes with which the “all inclusive” service to be offered only in luxury hotels (with 4 * 5 *).

The reason for this measure is that last summer the Agency’s inspectors found problems with the quality of service offered in packages “all inclusive” in over 300 hotels.

Chief of the Agency Jordan Voinov offers that a service such as All Inclusive should have been allowed only in hotels 4 * and 5 *, while for hotels category 3 * All Inclusive service can be offered only under certain conditions (especially concerning the compliance of hotel beds to places in the restaurants that operate in the hotel).

According to representatives of the tourism industry, however, the change will affect the competition between hotels.

As a commentary on the on proposals the Chairman of the Association of Hotel owners in Sunny Beach Elena Ivanova said:
The State establishes the framework, but there is no right to interfere or to determine what product to produce a subject in the tourism industry because tourism in Bulgaria is 100% private.

According to her, there must be rules imposed by the Ministry regarding the categorizations of objects, ordinance that would regulate the business, but in no way the hotel category (assigned him to the stars) can not be a criterion by which one could determine whether the object is free to offer some kind of travel service or not.

The criteria for this determination may be the size of the hotel, the area in which it is located and other similar parameters.

In fact, we do not oppose the presence of rules, regulations, control of All Inclusive, but we are against the fact that stars determine the rights to offer All Inclusive service, explained in addition Elena Ivanova.


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