Melia Grand Hermitage – a journey in the world of the international cuisine

Melia Grand Hermitage

Melia Grand Hermitage

Melia Grand Hermitage offers a journey in the world of the international cuisine, it started with Spain. Where Sol Melia comes from. Every region in Spain is really proud of its own specific cuisine. Andalusia has the gazpacho, Valencia – paella. The use of always fresh products and light souses can turn the simple act of eating into a real pleasure.

To enjoy the dinner everyone can choose paella, tortilla, cazuela or gazpacho and will be filled with real Spanish passion. Once per week guests are warmly welcomed in the Restaurant to feel the taste of Spain, accompanied by the sounds of Spanish guitar.

Next stop of this culinary journey is Bulgaria. Once per week Melia Grand Hermitage is leading guests to the various world of Bulgarian cuisine. To taste the different kind of white cheese /goat, lamb or cow/, yoghurt, banitsa, shopska salata, lukanka, tarator and of course rakia, is like to taste Bulgarian history. For guests of Melia Grand Hermitage is always interesting to try to get close to the culture of the country they are in. In this evening SOL Melia offers many different meals that are typical for Bulgaria and bring the taste of the country with its spirit.

And last stop for now is on the other side of the world. Every week Melia Grand Hermitage is presenting to her guests the secrets of Asia. All specific exotic tastes of the east are coming to us and all we need is to open our senses and to try them. The East meets the West in Melia Grand Hermitage.

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